Safety Coaching

“If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”

Albert Einstein

This work is designed to help you create a working culture that has a natural and deep respect for safety.  Safety coaching gives leaders the practical hazard recognition and communication skills they need to change the behavior of their people.

Having coached hundreds of leaders from senior executives to front line supervisions across the world, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges they face and the practical steps they can take to shift their safety leadership to the next. 

This work has been a cornerstone of my technical consulting career since the late 1990’s.  Working with leading behavioral safety experts, I have led operational safety culture transformation engagements for some of the world’s leading companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Cargill, Huntsman, Umicore amongst others.

Safety Leadership Coaching

Safety leadership coaching sessions for leaders would generally consist of a series of one hour, one on one coaching sessions over a four to six month period either face to face or virtually.

Where sessions are held face-to-face, it is very beneficial to have them in the meeting room and out in the field where the coaching can have immediate relevance and impact.

Safety Leadership Coaching sessions focus on ensuring leaders:

Safety Field Coaching

Safety field coaching entails taking small groups of leaders (usually two to three leaders at a time) into the field for four to five hours and giving you practical coaching on better safety leadership including: 


Safety field coaching provides leaders with the motivation to spend more time in the field with their people, engaging with them on safety in a more positive, impactful and meaningful way.