Integral Coaching

“Kindness informed by wisdom is the foundation of our coaching work.”

James Flaherty

My goal as your Integral Coach is to hone your holistic development by directing you in both horizontal and vertical improvement:

Horizontal Improvement

Become more skillful, more efficient and less prone to committing errors

Vertical Improvement

Become more present, less reactive and more connected to yourself and others.

This programme will not only address the specific issues or challenges you have today, but will help you become more adept in responding to life’s challenges with greater freedom and creativity.

I will guide you in your journey to becoming more patient, empathetic, courageous, and much less attached to views, preferences and habits that do not serve your well-being and success.

What is coaching?

The purpose of Integral Coaching is to build your ability to competently face life and its challenges.

In coaching, everything is about you and your growth. You will be understood in great depth and involved in constructive dialogue aimed at producing insights and opening up possibilities for you.

This programme pushes you to discover a clear path forward, achieve long-term excellence and gain the ability to self-correct and be self-generating.

“Working with David challenged not only what was important to me in my professional role but what was important to me in life. He helped me gain insights and perspectives on what I was up to and what was possible, that were truly transformational for me. I will always be deeply grateful for our work together.”

Mark HarrisonCEO

“My coaching journey with David was revealing and transformational. David's tailor-made reflections and practices guided me to new insights on my inner goals and helped me regain perspectives. I definitively recommend coaching in general, and in particular recommend David as a mentor for such a journey.”

Olivier Fredon, COO

“David guided me to overcome the roadblocks and pitfalls to achieving my career objectives with immense enthusiasm and passion. I highly recommend David based on my experience working with him.”

Arjen van Schaijk, Regional Director

“David exemplified his skill and knowledge in understanding my challenges and needs. He customized approaches for me to experience something different. I thank David for his patience and assistance and I highly recommend his coaching for one to see oneself more deeply.”

Flora Chan,Accounts Director

“I had the pleasure to be coached by David and found the experience both invaluable and enjoyable. David takes time to carefully build a personalized program tailored to your needs and objectives, with the flexibility to adjust it as you go through it. The approach is not only based on self-reflection but also on actions and goals that David helps you accomplish. It really helped make a difference. I would definitely highly recommend working with David.”

David Robert, APAC Group Accounts Director

“David has a clear understanding of personal requirements and objectives. He has the ability to create a program that is flexible and effective for ‘self-reflection’ and ‘lateral thinking’. I highly recommend David for his dedication and ability to make a real difference.”

Tony Tsang, Project Director

“David has been my coach for more than a year and I have certainly benefited much from the experience. He is sincere in coaching me and he has never failed to inspire me with his insightful views, relentless support and encouragement. David will indeed be a great asset to anyone who wants to expand their personal and professional development.”

Mian Yee Choy, Senior Advisor

What is involved in a Coaching Programme?

The coaching programme is flexible and will easily accommodate your unique situation and needs, whether you are seeking coaching personally or through your company, and whether the coaching will take place in person or online.

Chemistry Session

An initial ‘chemistry session’ to check whether I am actually the right coach for you

Intake Session

The first step of the programme is dedicated to an in-depth discussion of the issue you seek coaching for and my understanding of who you are and where you are coming from.

Coaching Plan

After the intake session, I will devise a goal-oriented plan for you with invitations to self-reflection, practices and tailor-made resources.

In Session

We will spend an agreed number of sessions together where our focus will be getting you closer to where you want to be.

Check In

When we reach the midpoint of our programme, we will take a step back to review goal progress and evaluate how well the programme is working for you.


Our last session will be a recap of your progress in reaching the goals we set, an acknowledgement of how far you’ve come and a strategizing for your ongoing development.

Note that if the programme has been commissioned by your organization, we may need to arrange a kick off call with key stakeholders to ensure expectations and objectives for the programme are aligned.

For coaching to have a truly transformational impact, you must be open and ready for the journey. Others may recommend that you have a coach, but only you can decide if you are ready for one.